“It’s always about pain. Whatever you do, don’t try to escape from your pain but be with it, because that attempt to escape from pain is what causes more pain.  That’s the reality of addiction.” Gabor Mate.

“I’d rather not speak in terms of “good” or “bad”, but if by “good” you mean positive, healthy, nourishing, then I’d say that if it’s good, it’s probably a passion and not an addiction.  Passions can be very consuming of time and energy, but they also feed your soul, your sense of being alive, your feeling of wholeness as a person.  Addictions provide fleeting pleasure or gratification, but never leave you satisfied.  And the same activity could be a passion for one person and an addiction for another.  One might be a wine enthusiast, enjoying the refined pleasures the drink has to offer, while another person’s “love” for wine masks a fear of his own mind in its sober state.”


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