This classic film is an introduction to the power of ibogaine treatment. Ibogaine takes the human who journeys with it into a  deep revelatory experience, a review of life situations including traumas, with the necessary detachment to process them.  Its addiction healing powers were first discovered in the industrialised world accidentally and serendipitously in 1962  by New Yorker Howard Lotsof, who is featured in this documentary.  He was addicted to heroin at the time, took a dose of ibogaine (estimated to be about 500 mg) for fun then realised he had lost interest in drugs and had a new life path.

Ibogaine has been traditionally extracted from the bark of the iboga plant by the Bwiti people in Gabon.  Nowadays there are alternative ways of producing it too.

It is the only known effective treatment for several addictions.  Perhaps because it offers a true rite of initiation; the experience and connection that is being truly sought. The way it, within hours, relieves withdrawal symptoms and addiction is becoming widely known.  It is important to take initiatory, also known as flood doses of ibogaine in safe conditions in a professional medical centre where there is proper aftercare that supports the move into a new phase of life because that is what is really being sought in a rite of passage.

Ibogaine centres coma and go and so do their reputations. It’s wise to take a recommendation from someone with some inside knowledge.

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