What if all that stood between heroin addiction and sobriety was a trip to Baja California, Mexico, and a dose of a highly potent psychedelic drug?

With the stigma surrounding psychedelic drugs waning in the medical world, experts and researchers are giving another look at some of the most exotic substances in the world. One of those drugs — ibogaine — is now being used in some medical settings, particularly in Mexico and New Zealand, to treat opioid addiction.

The most convincing argument for legalizing LSD, shrooms, and other psychedelics

And it appears to work: Although the studies are early and some of the anecdotes can sound more spiritual than scientific, there’s a growing body of evidence that ibogaine is effective for treating certain forms of drug addiction.

It’s not without risks, and it’s not a cure-all. But as the nation deals with what lawmakers and public health officials have called a “heroin epidemic,” unconventional treatments like ibogaine may merit more attention. They may, quite literally, save some people’s lives.


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