This is  an account by someone who wishes to stay anonymous.

First a bit of background: After a somewhat traumatic childhood things went up hill for me. I worked very hard to achieve my dream job, which I thoroughly enjoy. I make more than enough money to do anything I like. I have a beautiful wife and two lovely children. I developed several skills on the side, which is a great way to express my creativity. The downside though is that I was spending way too much time behind my computer. Other than that, I consider myself spiritual, awakened, and grounded in life.

Or so I thought.

Even though I was quite happy, I had issues. I had a real hard time sleeping and I would feel sad inside from time to time. The sleeping issue got to a point where I had tried everything but I was getting nowhere. Some things did work but I felt it was treating a symptom and not getting to the core of the problem.

Then I came across ibogaine. I initially brushed it off because I had tried DMT before and that didn’t solve the problem. It also seemed to be more directed towards chemical addiction treatment, but that wasn’t my issue. Well, at least not a chemical addiction. More on that later.

At some point I saw a movie which featured a scene where someone went through withdrawal and woke up having a new life (Self/less). That scene intrigued me and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I didn’t understand why, because I wasn’t addicted and I never went through withdrawal. Because of this, iboga came up again and I figured I’d give it a try…

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