All About Ibogaine States

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Healing miracles in our time.

My name is Holly Paige and  I have set up this website to give independent advice and share knowledge of the incredible healing power of plants, nutritionally and medicinally. It is focused on the unique healing plant medicine, ibogaine, because of ibogaine’s unique powers to reset the biochemistry of brain and give an individual a fresh start. In particular it is ibogaine’s power as an addiction interrupter that has given it a growing reputation for giving people their lives back. Freeing people from compelling but harmful behaviour.

After many years researching what takes us into our natural state of happiness I came to the conclusion that our interactions with the plant world and nutrition that we can obtain from plants are absolutely key elements. The plants that we are naturally designed to eat, even fruits, have undeniable effects on our neural system and the way we experience life. Psychoactive plants, used in a considered way, have been an intrinsic part of the human journey.

Unfortunately, during our journey as the human species, we have veered off track of naturally happy lifestyles in many ways. It’s as if, in today’s world, we have forgotten what makes us happy and healthy, and what our true needs and nature are. Or the world does not support them. It’s understandable that many humans are now self-medicating with chemical substances as well as artificially processed plant chemicals just to get through the day. Because these substances are just substitutes for what people really need, they never quite get anyone to where they want to go. They  put their systems out of balance, so they can lead to addiction. Addiction can be defined a person’s uncontrollable attachment to the use or abuse of any substance or activity.

We are reaching out to those people caught up in the cycles of addiction and also loved ones who are trying to help. This site is not only about ibogaine treatment but is a resource for dealing with addiction and healing trauma in general. Trauma lies beneath all addictions. The chemicals created within the body by trauma and negative thinking can also be strangely  addictive too, and ibogaine invariably helps shift these patterns too. We also provide information and advice to help you regain a sense of well being and freedom through nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle. We will be adding information and articles ongoingly and we are available for free independent consultations to help you go through the process of choosing and arranging ibogaine treatment and aftercare, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. Feel free to contact us  by emailing and we will help you in any way we can. If you include your phone number in your message and a good time to call you we will do.  In time there will also be access to addiction therapy and coaching from this site.

 Ibogaine States is a name containing much meaning.  Ibo is an anagram of bio meaning life. So we are talking about (stating!) states of gaining life. I believe that everyone is searching for a real sense of connection and being alive. Here you can learn how to gain a vibrant sense of connection to life in a healthy, happy and sustainable way. Addiction is increasing rapidly in the modern world and the classic treatments of rehab and meetings are not achieving the success rates people had hoped. It seems that a situation has arisen in the world that really can only be healed with plant medicines. Science and mythology are indicating the same thing. For example, in the Huichol tradition of Mexico, good plant medicines are brought in to replace the bad drugs. There is much beauty in the process of engaging with this idea and putting it into practice. You can rise from a state of quiet desperation to a vantage point beyond even that you had imagined – and sustain it, and live from it.

Entheagenic nutrition.
Whether we have broken out of a major addiction or never had this problem there is more to the story. It concerns the human connection to the plants, nutritionally and psychoactively. Looking at the research in anthropology, plant biology, mythology and on the brain itself, it seems that human biochemistry is designed to run in conjunction with plant biochemistry. This understanding makes sense of the effectiveness of plant medicines such as ibogaine in healing us psychologically.

Entheagenic nutrition is a relatively new concept in the modern world, although actually it explores the way we humans ate and related to plants for many generations going back into the mists of time. Entheagenic nutrition concerns itself with the fact that everything we eat and drink has an effect on the way we feel, even if, in some instances, it is just to numb out feeling.

Entheagenic nutrition is about composing your diet, the food you eat and the herbs you use so that you feel happier and more alive. So that you feel in a state of connection and inspiration and able to use your gifts and talents. In this state you have more access to your creative powers, intuition, and problem solving abilities. You have more energy, your relationships with others are more harmonious and productive. You are clearer about what you  want and you have easier success achieving this. The knowledge of how to do this is highly relevant for anyone extricating themselves from substance or other addiction.

The term entheogen was coined in 1979 as a respectful term for plant chemicals that are ingested to induce a non-ordinary state of consciousness, a state of divine inspiration (entheos is Greek for inspired; gen is Greek for producing). Entheagen is the feminine version of the word I first came across a few years ago and have been using ever since. It acknowledges the incredible femininity of the planet we live on (in scientific terms it is negatively charged with electrons) and the power of feminine healing. I use this word because it feels appropriate in this setting. It is in no way meant to lessen appreciation of the powers of the masculine.

I talk more about entheagenic nutrition at the sister site,, (currently under construction) which is also a resource for wellbeing and happy lifestyles, from a unique and deep perspective. It’s also something I teach in classes and in coaching sessions. Here at IbogaineStates we will share some of the same knowledge and experience but with the focus on the immediate issue of dealing with addiction and ibogaine treatment.

By the way, obviously we do not endorse the use of any illegal plant medicines. There are enough healing plants on this Earth to make this completely unnecessary. We advise you to stay within the laws of your country.  The possession and use of ibogaine is legal in most countries of  the world with a few notable exceptions. The situation is in flux but, for example, ibogaine is currently outlawed in the USA and France. Nonetheless many American citizens have benefitted from ibogaine treatment in Mexico and elsewhere.