Choosing Treatments

Wondering about finding a safe and effective ibogaine treatment for yourself or a loved one? Thinking about the options, when is the right time, and what about afterwards?

Ibogaine is emerging as the best known and natural solution in the world for healing addiction and also the traumas that underlie them. However it is wise to choose a treatment facility carefully.

There are several considerations that are paramount.

Does the facility use high quality ibogaine?

As described on the page About Ibogaine, iboga is the name of a visionary and healing central west African plant. Ibogaine is the chief therapeutic constituent found in the root of this planet. The question often arises in holistic circles whether it would be better to use the complete root of the plant rather than an extracted constituent. It is true that there are other active ingredients in the iboga root but there are also a lot of toxins. And do we really know what the other chemicals are and what they do? In the case of milder doses for some kind of shamanic journey, iboga root may be a choice for some. In larger unmeasured doses it is not without risk. Even for psychotherapeutic use it is wise to measure the dose. In the context of the modern world, many of our problems, for example with manufactured drugs, are far from being natural ones; we are well off that path. Extracting the ibogaine from the iboga plant not only eliminates toxins but enables a measured dose to be given, to achieve the best results. The highest quality extracted ibogaine known as ibogaine HCl is produced by only one company ,which is located in Canada. They supply only to approved practices. By using this it can be certain that it is genuinely pure medical grade ibogaine.

Ibogaine treatment is a medical procedure

Because of the nature of the treatment it is essntial to find a trustworthy professional licensed medical facility with a medical doctor. There are ibogaine centres in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Costa Rica and other places. The USA is one of the very few countries where ibogaine is illegal. In the sixties, it got piled in with a bunch of other psychoactive substances, some of which are also therapeutic. Many ibogaine clinics have sprung up in the area of Northern Mexico known as Baja California, just below the American border. These service mainly US nationals but are also open people from elsewhere.

Proper precautions should be in place. Ibogaine treatment is very safe as long as it is done properly. Tests need to take place prior to treatment to ensure that heart and liver functioning are healthy. Also there needs to be a supervised wait beforehand to make sure that no substances that could be dangerous in combination with ibogaine are in the system. In the case of drug addiction withdrawal symptoms can be lessened by using fast acting substances that leave the system quickly, such as morphine, so that it’s safe to take the ibogaine. Once treatment begins, dependence on morphine and any other drug is over of course. A licensed medical facility with a resident medical doctor can procure necessary medicines legally. The patient should be monitored throughout treatment.

For ibogaine to work as an addiction interrupter it is essential to generate what is called a ‘flood dose’ in order to push out artificial opiates and other foreign chemicals and restore natural opiate functioning in the brain. The dose must be neither too small nor too large. It is based on the patient’s weight and is precisely measured, so as to be both effective and safe.

Quality of care and after support are a major consideration too. And are the premises conducive to recovery? Is there the option for a family member or loved on to accompany the patient?

What price should you expect to pay?

For professional medical treatment in a luxury facility with access to activities in a safe and beautiful area afterwards you should expect to pay £2500 to £3600. If you are asked to pay more than this, the question really is for what?

The Wild West of Ibogaine Treatment
Unfortunately we have to be aware that there are some unscrupulous operators in the ibogaine business, who take advantage of the desperation of the situation and family members. To confuse matters more, these may be the very ones who are spreading unsavoury rumours about reputable clinics. This is why it is a very good idea to take advice from someone outside the business who knows something of what is going on inside the business.

What about self administration?
Some people wonder about obtaining ibogaine or iboga and self administering. To be honest this is very unwise. Although if done properly ibogaine treatment is safe, the use of an effective dose requires tests beforehand and monitoring throughout. After support at an appropriate location makes all the difference. In fact its noticeable that people who stay longer do better long term. It does not seem very wise to put yourself or anyone you love at risk in this way.

Although it may seem like a novel idea, medical tourism of many kinds is becoming increasingly popular as people seek medical treatment of their choice at a price they can afford with the opportunity to take a break from their usual surroundings in order to heal. With this particular treatment all these considerations particularly apply. Whne you consider the exchange rate from somewhere like Britain and the additional benefits a change of scenery bring to the healing, there is a lot to be said for trvelling if necessary to get this treatment rather than relying on amateur approaches, whch are risky in terms of safety and effectiveness.

What conditions can be successfully treated with ibogaine?

Ibogaine treatment has been proven to be a most effective tool in providing a life-changing experience to those suffering from addictions. Ibogaine re-sets the neurotransmitters and opiate receptors in the brain. It allows the addiction to be healed in a way no other treatment plan can offer. Ibogaine offers a ninety percent success rate for patients to achieve a life free from addiction and to experience life the way it was meant to be.

Ibogaine works like a miracle for nearly any type of addiction. One’s addiction does not have to be to drugs. Ibogaine treatment can be successful for treating addictions such as eating disorders, and more. By getting to the root cause for addiction, Ibogaine helps clear the mind for a future free from any addiction and a life full of possibilities.

Below is a list of the conditions ibogaine has been used to treat:

Heroin & other Opiate Addictions
Cocaine Addiction
Depression / Anxiety
Eating Disorders
Prescription Drugs Addiction
Tobacco Smoking
Hepatitis C
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Reputable providers do everything in their power to ensure the safety of their patients.
There are certain conditions that may rule about ibogaine therapy although with some of these contraindications it may depend on the exact nature and details of the condition so it is always worth asking.

Psychotic and schizophrenic disorders
Cerebella dysfunction
Coagulation abnormalities or a history of blood clots
Diabetes (uncontrolled)
Crohn’s Disease
Fainting (chronic)
Gastric ulcer
Heart disease, heart murmurs, or heart arrhythmia
High blood pressure (uncontrolled)
Blood Infections (active)
Obesity (severe)
Kidney disease
Liver disease with liver enzymes over four times normal

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